Decoding Chinese Business Culture

East and West: The hidden dilemmas of working with China

Chinese intercultural expert Tianwa (Tina) Li helps you decode the dynamic Chinese business culture from the inside and from a Western perspective.

She puts her adopted country forward as an example of a nation that has managed to find its own way of working pragmatically with the Chinese - not kowtowing to them, but finding ways to collaborate that are realistic.

This book is rich with real-life examples, and insights into language, including many Chinese proverbs; differences between Chinese and Western philosophies; a brilliant summary of Chinese history, and an exploration of issues of truth, trust, leadership and how to persuade and sell to the Chinese.

Decoding Chinese Business Culture
East and West: The hidden dilemmas of working with China
Tianwa (Tina) Li
2020, Spitzenberg World Press
Pages: 202, Price: 14.99 EUR
ISBN-13: 978-3982226088 (Paperback)


What readers say about the book:

"Tianwa Li does a terrific job of decoding Chinese business culture and giving a nuanced approach, suitable for the current global environment. Able to understand China both from the inside and from a Western perspective, her handy and readable guide is full of insights into Chinese concepts, as well as practical real-life cases and stories. So many Western organizations fail in China, but the opportunities are still immense. Buy this book if you want to rise to the China Challenge!"

Michael Gates, Vice Chairman Richard Lewis Communications, Associate Fellow of Said Business School Oxford


"A marvelous introduction to the Chinese business world. Tianwa Li has an almost uncanny gift for putting the Chinese mindset into a highly readable text."

Patrick Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief of the SIETAR Journal, former President of SIETAR Europe

About the Author:

Tianwa (Tina) Li comes from Jilin, China and works as a university lecturer in Germany. She is interested in how international professionals navigate the complexities of cultural differences in a global environment and her work focuses on intercultural strategies. Due to her personal background, she is specialized in the communication between West and East and offers cutting-edge insight and practical strategies for those who have business contacts with Chinese professionals.

Living and working in China, Great Britain and Germany prompted Tina Li’s study of communication patterns and business systems in different parts of the world. She helps business professionals decode cross-cultural complexities impacting their success, and work more effectively across those differences.