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BASF Hosts Climate Summit of the Chemical Industry

19.07.2019 - Representatives from 20 international chemical companies, including scientific experts and chief technology officers, attended a collaborative innovation workshop yesterday at BASF...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Recycling or Innovation?

09.07.2019 - Many companies are working on improving the recyclability of plastics; BASF is contributing with the innovative ChemCycling project. ChemCycling More and more companies from the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

No Compromise on Performance in a Connected World

06.05.2015 - The global world is connected via social media, search engines and blogs. Mega trends are shared in seconds. Online communities give 24-hour guidance on ingredients, performance...


Materials Know-How

31.03.2014 - Tangible Synergies - In an organizational move in January of 2013, BASF created the new Performance Materials division. The new group, which is part of the Functional Materials &...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

BASF Enters Market of Composite Semi-Finished Parts for Automotive Sector

30.01.2014 - New Ways to Lighten Up - Saving weight in the automotive sector is still a major topic in resource conservation. Established glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials such as...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sustainability as "License to Operate"

20.06.2013 - Seen from a logistical perspective, there are sectors of industry that differ from most of the others by virtue of their specialized requirements. One of these sectors is the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Metal Substitution

17.02.2012 - VIP-Visions in Plastics - In the past, designers have often had to rely on metal in sectors in which the most demanding technical requirements must be satisfied: in the automotive...

A Few Minutes with BASF's Executive Board Member Michael Heinz

08.06.2011 - Michael Heinz talks to Brandi Schuster about the importance of BASF's integration of Cognis, a German maker of additives for cosmetics and detergents, for the company's surfactant...


2 New Members Named to BASF Board

21.10.2010 - BASF has announced two new additions to its board of executive directors: Margret Suckale, who will become industrial relations director and head of Ressort II; and Michael Heinz...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Metal Replacement Close to the Engine

30.09.2010 - Increasing environmental awareness, high oil prices and changing political conditions are more and more focusing attention on the energy efficiency of automobiles. Lightweight...

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BASF's Ecoflex Plant Starts Operations

BASF SE - BASF has started operations at its expanded plant for the production of the biodegradable plastic Ecoflex. Expansion of the existing plant in Ludwigshafen will increase production...



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