chembid GmbH

chembid is the world's largest search engine and market intelligence platform for chemicals. Via the chembid platform, commercial buyers and suppliers get a real-time overview of the entire chemical market and make better and faster business decisions based on market and product insights.

On the one hand, the chembid platform offers the possibility to find chemicals in millions of offers from marketplaces and webshops all over the world and to compare suppliers and prices via the chembid search engine without much effort.

In addition, the chembid Dashboard provides insights into market developments relevant to the chemical industry. Both current demand and price developments for chemicals can be analyzed via the dashboard. More detailed product and supplier information and the latest chemical news are also provided via the dashboard. With the Lead Generation Tool, chemical suppliers can also quickly and easily identify potential new customers and increase their sales with the help of special marketing services.


chembid GmbH

Marie-Curie-Straße 1
26129 Oldenburg
Niedersachsen, Germany

+49 441 36116 325

News from this company


Chembid's Chemical Marketplaces Report 2020

05.11.2019 -

The chembid Marketplace Report offers about 70 pages of clear and compact overview on more than 50 online marketplaces where chemicals are traded.


The Digitalization of Marketing and Sales in the B2B Chemical Sector

19.08.2019 -

Marketing and sales in the B2B chemical sector are slowly making their way into the digital era.


Experts Statements: Christian Bürger, Chembid

22.05.2019 -

Digitalization is a very important topic not only in the chemical industry as a whole but also in chemical distribution.


ChembidX Offers Online Marketing for Chemicals

20.08.2018 -

The German startup Chembid, which operates a metasearch engine and online platform for chemicals, is extending their service with the launch of the new in-house marketing...