Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT) is an engineering company with worldwide operations and over twenty years of experience in developing, designing and implementing innovative process plants. Our core competence includes research & development activities as well as construction, commissioning, start-up of industrial and pilot-scale plants. Our plants reference and application fields are in: Chemical Industry, Gas&Oil Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Viscose Industry, Metal Roasting and Mining Industry.

Products Portfolio

  • Production Technologies
    Special plants that process sustainable raw materials. This product group includes: Recuperation of biogenic glycerine from by-products of the biodiesel production; production of glycerine derivatives from biogenic glycerine; production of Epichlorhydrine based on glycerine (EPIPROVIT).
  • Purification and Processing Technology
    Special designed solutions able to produce valuable by-products that could be used or retrofitted into the process. This product group includes: Brine Purification Plant -Treatment of brine produced from different industrial processes (i.e. Epichlorhydrin plant).
    Gas Cleaning (Sulfox): Treatment of waste/process gas containing sulfur compounds with recovery of saleable sulphuric acid
  • Units Operations
    All process-relevant system components that are characterized by well-proven and patented KVT-designs. Unit Operations can be integrated into existing systems as independent functional units or as extension modules that will improve the cost benefit and/or efficiency of your plant. More particularly, these are catalysts of the TARDIGRAD brand as well as a filter unit for wet gas aerosol dust loads (WESP) and an elaborate filter technology for hot process gases (DRY-FIL).

News from this company

Plant Construction & Process Technology

An Innovative Wet Sulfuric Acid Process

18.04.2022 -

In many industrial applications the wet sulfuric acid process is the most important technology for recovery of sulfuric acid and energy from sulfur bearing compounds.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

KVT to Build Epichlorohydrin Production Complex in China

20.09.2021 -

Austrian engineering group Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) has signed a technology and license agreement to supply the world's largest glycerol-based epichlorohydrin...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Sustainable Chemicals from Renewable Raw Materials

16.03.2021 -

Innovative Technology Enables Advantageous Oleochemistry Products


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