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WACKER ist Technologieführer der chemischen Industrie und produziert für alle globalen Schlüsselindustrien und ist in den Bereichen Silicone, Polymere, Life Sciences und Polysilicium tätig.


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Wacker Expanding Silicone Specialties in the US

05.08.2022 -

Following up on expansion plans hinted at last year, Germany’s Wacker Chemie is proposing to build up its US complex at Charleston, Tennessee, into a center for silicone...


Wacker has Ambitious Plans for Norwegian Site

21.06.2022 -

With an eye to expanding production capacity for silicon metal, Germany’s Wacker Chemie has launched a feasibility study to carry out a capacity upgrade at its site in...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Silicone Applications, from Elastomers to Laminates

09.07.2019 - “Thinking beyond”, that is the motto under which Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, will be showcasing new products. These innovations include fire-resistant silicone...


Wacker: Reorganization of its silicone distribution business in Nordic countries

15.12.2014 - Wacker has reorganized its silicone distribution business in the Nordic countries. As of March 1, 2015, Lindberg & Lund Oy, a subsidiary of the Norwegian chemicals distributor...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

A Sustainable Partnership

30.07.2014 - CHEManager International asked Michael Sauer, Director Channel Strategy & Distribution, Europe, Celanese, and Dr. Jürgen Frisch, Head of Channel Management, Wacker Group, about the...


Wacker Chemie Warns on Profits as Silicon Prices Slump

15.03.2012 - Wacker Chemie, the world's No.2 maker of polysilicon, slashed its dividend and provided a gloomy outlook for this year, saying a fall in polysilicon price from a year ago would...


Wacker Expands Polymer Site in China

12.03.2012 - Wacker Chemie is expanding its Chinese polymer activities by investing around €40 million in building two new production facilities at its Nanjing site. As announced by the Munich...


Wacker Expands Polymer Site in China, Builds 2 New Production Facilities

12.03.2012 - Wacker Chemie said it is expanding its Chinese polymer activities by investing around €40 million in building two new production facilities at its Nanjing site. The company said it...


Wacker Names Eurohim as Russian Distributor

09.02.2012 - As a part of Wacker's restructuring of its Russian distribution network, the German company has announced that Eurohim will be replacing Welkoms as distributor of its dispersions...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

White Biotechnology as an Innovation Platform for the Chemical Industry

07.09.2011 - Key Platform - White biotechnology is establishing itself as a key technology platform for innovative and sustainable processes and products in the chemical industry. In cases...


Wacker Chemie Q2 Profit Rises

02.08.2011 - Wacker Chemie reported that net income for second quarter reached €142.7 million compared to €135.4 million in the year-ago period, resulting in earnings per share of €2.87 versus...


Wacker Starts Constructing New Polysilicon Production Plant

11.04.2011 - On Friday, Wacker Chemie officially started construction work on a fully integrated polysilicon-production site in the U.S. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by numerous...


Integrated Silicone Manufacturing: Wacker And Dow Corning Open China’s Largest Site

18.11.2010 - After four years of construction, Wacker Chemie and Dow Corning Corporation today officially inaugurated their joint integrated silicone manufacturing site in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu...


Wacker Starts Up New Chinese Production Plant for Silicone Polymers and Fluids

20.10.2010 - Wacker has announced the inauguration of its new silicone-polymer plant at Zhangjiagang (China). The plant manufactures not only intermediates, but also downstream silicone...


Wacker Buys Silicone Production Plant in South Korea

14.10.2010 - Wacker Chemie AG subsidiary Wacker Chemicals Korea is acquiring the Lucky Silicone brand from Henkel Technologies (Korea) Ltd. The two companies announced a purchase agreement...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Rapid Processing, High Module Quality

01.10.2010 - The photovoltaic (PV) industry is looking for ways to boost the cost-efficiency of module production and prolong module service life. An innovative encapsulant can play a key role...


Wacker Ends Q2 2010 with New Sales Record

30.07.2010 - Wacker Chemie ended Q2 2010 with a new sales record, primarily thanks to much higher sales volumes. Q2 2010 sales climbed 30% to €1,202.0 million (Q2 2009: €925.5 million). Growth...

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Chemicals & Distribution

Dispersible and High-Efficiency Impact Modifier for Epoxy Resins

Wacker Chemie - Wacker is attending the K 2010, with a powder additive that significantly improves the impact strength of epoxy resins without compromising their mechanical strength or heat...


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