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We specialize in industrial process automation. The highest levels of safety, resource efficiency and productivity coupled with simplified interaction between humans and machines are crucial factors in our engineering success. Understanding and mastering technologies, and translating them into solutions that meet the most exacting requirements for quality and reliability – is a challenge we’re very happy to accept.

Founded in Tokyo in 1915, the Group currently employs 17,500 people worldwide. As a supplier of best-in-class automation solutions, Yokogawa operates a network of 119 companies spanning 60 countries. Our German headquarters are located in Ratingen. More than 70 automation, electrical and chemical engineers at Yokogawa Germany design, plan and implement a variety of projects.

Yokogawa addresses customer issues regarding increasingly complex production, operations management and the optimization of assets, energy and the supply chain with digitally-enabled smart manufacturing, ensuring a smooth transition to autonomous operations.

Globally engaged. And always nearby.

News from this company

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

21.09.2020 -

Andreas Helget, Managing Director of Yokogawa Germany, about the importance of digital transformation on the way to autonomous systems.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Yokogawa Introduces “Profit-driven Operation”

10.10.2018 -

As digital transformation ensues to disrupt, transform and re-shape industries – the imperative to change for process industries is clear and very present.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Power Of Innovation

06.06.2014 -

Process-Automation Trends - Achieving safe, reliable, profitable operations and networking with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Fit For The Future

09.11.2011 -

Look To The Future - Decades of operation, modernisation and expansion have left many chemical plants with a somewhat haphazard automation mix of different controls...


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