Sep. 11, 2019

CEFIC Aromatics Producers Association (APA) Symposium

CEFIC Aromatics Producers Association (APA) Symposium

In recent years, the data base and understanding of the toxic effects for benzene have significantly improved, leading different organizations to reevaluate occupational exposure limit recommendations. Benzene is a mutagen and a known human carcinogen causing leukemia and other adverse health effects mainly on the blood and blood forming system (bone marrow).

The goal of the symposium “Preventing benzene's adverse health effects: Considerations in occupational exposure limit development”, which will be held from 14:30 to 18:30 at the Crowne Plaza Helsinki–Hesperia hotel, is to share insights on how available human data can be interpreted with regards to understanding the health-impacts of benzene and setting of a safe exposure level. The symposium hence will include the methodology of exposure assessment, which methodologies authorities and industry have applied with regards to interpreting the available human data and how these were used in deriving occupational exposure limit values that sufficiently ensure human safety, and finally how all stakeholders came to a decision on a recommendation for the European Union for an acceptable occupational exposure limit. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion on key considerations in development of an occupational exposure limit for benzene.

The target audience of this symposium are interested stakeholders from academia, regulatory authorities and industry that work on the health and safety assessment of benzene.

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