Sep. 24 - Sep. 26, 2019

GPCA Fertilizer Convention

GPCA Fertilizer Convention

With the industry now engaging in consolidation, the fertilizers sector is gearing up for a transformative, higher value-added future. To ensure its sustainable growth, GCC fertilizer producers must innovate new products and business models. Diversifying their portfolios by developing enhanced quality products and capitalizing on opportunities that arise in key emerging markets will be crucial.

Held under the theme "Transformation: A New Era for the Agri-nutrients Industry", the convention aims to discuss and debate subjects like disruptive technologies, digitalization, integration, future opportunities in agri-nutrients and many more which are aimed at supporting collaboration along the value chain and fostering food security. The 10th edition of this event will focus on driving value through innovation to create strong growth for the agri-nutrients industry. Workshops focused on human capital and technical sessions on environmental stewardship will provide further opportunities to learn about best practices from the region and globally at this important industry platform.

The GPCA Fertilizer Convention is dedicated to senior and mid-level professionals from companies involved in the production of fertilizers in the GCC and Middle East region as well as international firms, traders, associations, technology providers, consultants, suppliers, academics and students.

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