Dec. 10 - Dec. 11, 2013

MENA Shale 2013 - Unconventional Gas Strategy for the New Era

MENA Shale 2013 - Unconventional Gas Strategy for the New Era

Unconventionals are having a huge impact on global energy supply. Shale has made the U.S. self-sufficient in gas and is making the country a dominant oil producer.

Developments in other regions are gathering pace as the rush for unconventionals takes hold.

MENA Shale 2013 provides a unique forum for governments, producers, technology providers and investors to meet and share the latest developments in unconventionals. This will enable companies to develop strategies to address the most important breakthrough in decades in terms of energy supply.
The main themes of the conference will be:

  • Global Overview - How unconventionals are impacting economies, energy supply and industry
  • Challenges - What the MENA region must do to maximize its potential for unconventional gas development
  • Opportunities - the unconventional gas potential in the MENA region and how it will develop
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Issues - Dealing with fracking fluids, avoiding water table contamination, well integrity, general HSE considerations

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