Oct. 15, 2019

VCW-Conference "Tanker or Speedboat? Agile Management in the Chemical Industry"


Agility is an important enabler for adapting to the VUCA business world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) by driving innovation and change. But what’s new about agile management? Other industry sectors, like Automotive are leading here. What can the Chemical Industry learn from them?
The heart blood of evolution is change. Darwin reminded us what is takes to win in a fast-changing environment: ’Not the Big eat the Small, but the Fast eat the Slow.’ The Chemical Industry needs big innovations faster to adapt to the higher pace of change, too. Agility characterizes the mind set and processes which enable integrating holistic process management fast and flexibly with the different shareholders and stakeholders of the change and innovation process.

Customer orientation, faster time-to-market and fail-early are key elements of agile processes and the related organizational structures. They are the answers to the challenges of the new VUCA business world and the accelerating pace of change. Here the Chemical Industry can learn from other industries, e.g. Automotive. Like the discussion of the future of the combustion engine or diesel-gate for Automotive, there are challenges emerging in the Chemical Industry that will require new ways of managing change and innovation e.g. circular economy, renewable materials, plastic waste and many more.

At the one-day conference of the VCW (Association for Chemistry and Economy), a sector group of the German Chemist Society GDCh, attendees will learn about:
 Agile approaches and processes methods like Scrum, XP, Crystal, Kanban etc.;
 The benefits and issues of becoming more agile;
 What mindset and organizational structures are needed to succeed;
 How to start and how to convince the boss;
 Relevant expertise you know that you do not have;
 Relevant competences you do not know that you do not have;
 When not to use agile management processes but stay with well-known and proven methods.

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