6th ECP 2022

Sustainable Innovations are our Future

February 16 - 18, 2022 | "Sustainable Innovations are our Future" is the motto of the 6th European Chemistry Partnering convention. The business speed-dating event of the chemical and biotech industry will take place as a an online-only event mid-February 2022.

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Event location: Online

We need more sustainable innovations, and above all faster and in greater numbers, in order to keep our planet livable. We can only do this in a heterogeneous interdisciplinary exchange, when we step out of our daily comfort zone and talk shop with other people beyond our own limits.

Established in 2017 by BCNP Consultants, the ECP will take place for the sixth time in a row. The virtual 6th ECP, sponsored by the reecently founded Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC), connects global decision makers from very different areas along the chemical and production value chain: starting from base chemicals to fine and special chemicals up to consumer goods, from the B2B business arena to the B2C products side.

The industry speed-dating event with a focus on sustainability in all industries and applications originating from chemical and biotechnological substances, processes and applications, the 6th ECP invites attendees to get impulses by looking into other disciplines and to find congenial partners for new sustainable solutions.

Hotspot for Decisions-Makers

Participants of the ECP come from the chemical industry and its demand sectors like consumer goods, cosmetics, plastics & adhesives, paints & varnishes, health, nutrition and analytics, as well as from the technological areas chemistry, bioeconomy, biotechnology, digitization, big data and blockchain, nanotechnology, engineering, new materials, renewable raw materials, polymers.

ECP experts, innovators and decision-makers come from organizations such as:

  • Industry: Entrepreneurs from start-ups, small- and medium-sized companies, big corporates and international payers
  • Investors: Founding and business angels, corporate ventures investors, venture capitalists and bank representatives
  • Multipliers: Partners from clusters & networks, associations and industrial and technology parks
  • Service Providers: Experts from research and contract manufacturing organizations, analytic providers
  • Consultants: Lawyers, patent attorneys, M&A advisors, recruiters and other specialists
  • Multipliers from traditional press and media as well as social media

Meetings will be scheduled automatically based on the availability of the meeting partners.

Fair Price and Easy Access

The organizers make it easy for attendees to access the 6th ECP by offering attractive conditions:

  • early-bird discount until December 17th.
  • attractively priced NEW Company ticket. For a small surcharge, any number of experts from a company can partner at the 6th ECP.

Register here.

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