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CHEManager Europe 10/2011

Publishing Date: 20.10.2011

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Front Page
An Industry Full of Opportunity          page 1, 11-19
CPhI Highlights the Latest Trends in Pharma

Markets & Companies          page 2-9
Specialty Chemicals in China                            page 4
What's So Special About It?
Dr. Kai Pflug, CEO, Management Consulting and Dr. Bernhard Hartmann, Managing Director, A.T. Kearney China

Dedicated To Styrenics                            page 5
Styrolution Starts Operations, Positioned for Profitable Growth and Long-term Success
Roberto Gualdoni, Styrolution

A Passion For Chemistry                            page 6
Ferak Berlin: A Famili Company with a Global Reach
Interview with Thomas Gründemann, CEO, Ferak Berlin

APIs in China                            page 7
Pharma Industry Booming in Asia
Iris Zhao, Frost & Sullivan

A Fragmented Industry                            page 8, 14
Peter Pollak on the World of Fine Chemicals
Interview with Dr. Peter Pollak, Fine Chemical Business Consultant

Flexibility, Internationality and Know How                            page 9
Industry Service: Expectations on Technical Service Providers Growing
Interview with Dr. Joachim Kreysing, executive vice president of the BIS Group

Packaging / Logistics                            page 10
Fighting Counterfeits                            page 10
Enhanced Safety For Pharmaceutical Packaging
Oliver Naucke, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

Let There Be Light!                           page 10
How Industrial Packaging Can Boost Sustainability Measures
Dr. Clemens Willée, CEO, Mauser Group

CPhI 2011                            page 11-19

Ei Gude, Wie?                            page 11
The CPhI Returns to Frankfurt
Interview with UBM Live brand directors Annemieke Timmers (CPhI) and Haf Cennydd (ICSE, P-MEC & BioPh)

Game Change                            page 12, 13
Pharma's Future with a Disaggregated Supply Chain
Michael Jarosch, Ulrich Korneck, Camelot Management Consultants

Breaking Taboos                            page 13
Pharma Must Make Big Changes to Survive
Interview with Ulrich Korneck and Michael Jarosch, Camelot Management Consultants

API Sourcing in China and India                            page 15
Is Asia the Only Option for the Future
Bob Kennedy, Manager of Industry Research, Thomson Reuters and Molly Bowman, Manager Small Molecule Research, Thomson Reuters

A Changing World for CMOs                            page 16
Consolidation in Pharma a Win for Custom Manufacturing
M. Griffiths, Carbogen Amcis; W. Schmitz, Saltigo; M. Cassidy, SAFC; J. Bléhaut, Novasep

Fine Chemicals Developing Well in 2011                            page 16, 17
Agro Segment Showing Particularly Strong Growth
Dr. Martin Wienkenhöver, CABB; Dr. Peter Seufer-Wasserthal, Codexis; Dr. Jörn Winterfeld, Wacker

Functional Ingredients                            page 17
Excipients Not Just Additives Anymore
Hans Ole Klingenberg, Novozymes

´As Reliable as a Swiss Watch´                            page 18
Innovation Expected from API Manufacturers
Markus Blocher, Dottikon; Dr. Andreas Dietrich, Boehringer Ingelheim; Heinz Sieger, CU Chemie Uetikon

Center Stage: Emerging Countries 19
All-round Pharma Service Providers See Potential in Asia, Elsewhere
Robert Hardy, Aesica; Dr. Ralf Fink, BASF; Burghard Freiberg, Merck Millipore

People • Events • Awards                            page 19

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