Whitepaper: Process Systems

28.08.2023 -

The optimal solution for temperature control in technical applications

Markets & Companies

Special Issue: Swiss CDMO Siegfried Celebrates 150th Anniversary

07.06.2023 -

There are only a few chemical and pharmaceutical companies that look back at a history of 150 years. Certainly, many companies claim such a long legacy, but if you only...


Efficient Lithium-free Acceleration Additives for Portland Cement Compositions


Join our webinar and discover our Lohtragon L90 CI accelerator range!


Making Better Use of Spectral and Chromatographic Data in Product and Process Development


Working with spectral and chromatographic data often results in noisy data. The good news is, there is a simple and efficient way to extract the signals from the noise...


Recycling of Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

Xiao Lin, Xue Wang, Gangfeng Liu, Guobin Zhang: Recycling of Power Lithium-Ion Batteries, Wiley-VCH 2022, 125,00 EUR, ISBN 978-3-527-35108-4

Owing to the increasing pressure on the ecological effect of solid waste disposal and developing the need for disposal of the corresponding hazardous metals, recovery of...


White Paper: Safety in the Laboratory

18.11.2022 -

Anyone working in a laboratory must familiarize themselves with rules and precautions for working safely. In day-to-day laboratory work, it is often not easy to keep...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Whitepaper: Enzymatic Degradation of Plastic

16.11.2022 -

Plastic is everywhere: researchers have been able to detect it on Mount Everest as well as in the Mariana Trench. Particularly alarming was the recently published study...


LANXESS Inorganic Pigments: Establishing statistical decision making across an organization


An open-minded organization takes up an innovative work approach, establishes it and refines it with the appropriate new tool - Sounds like an ideal image or wishful...