Arkema Studies US Thiochemicals Expansion

  • Arkema Studies US Thiochemicals ExpansionArkema Studies US Thiochemicals Expansion

Arkema is studying the doubling of thiochemicals capacity at its site in Beaumont, Texas, USA. The additional capacity would supply high value-added sulfur derivatives to Novus International’s proposed methionine hydroxyl analogue plant in Calhoun County, Texas.

The French group said the thiochemicals project will support rising global demand for methionine, an essential amino acid for animal nutrition, which should reach an annual growth rate of 6% over the coming years.

The new plant is expected to go on stream by the summer of 2021. A final investment decision should be made at the end of this year.

Novus announced last November its intention to build a 120,000 t/y methionine plant at Ineos Nitrile’s Green  Lake site in Calhoun County.  Completion is due in 2020. Newton Manufacturing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Novus International, will own and manage the facility.

Arkema is also expanding thiochemicals capacity at Kerteh, Malaysia. Production of methyl mercaptan, a methionine intermediate, will double when the project completes in 2020.


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