Bayer Settles Roundup Labeling Class Action

  • Bayer Settles Roundup Labeling Class Action Bayer Settles Roundup Labeling Class Action

In a settlement over Monsanto's Roundup labeling, Bayer has agreed to pay $39.6 million to end a US class action lawsuit charging that the US agribusiness giant misled consumers about the safety of its glyphosate-containing Roundup herbicide.

The settlement concluded on Mar. 31 in Kansas City, Missouri – which still must be approved by the responsible court – reportedly includes a requirement to change the labeling of Roundup packaging, removing language that says glyphosate only affects an enzyme found in plants.

Plaintiffs in the class action charged that Monsanto, which was acquired by Bayer in 2018, failed to list the herbicide’s health risks, including that glyphosate had been linked to cancer.

Bayer has welcomed the deal that follows more than two years of litigation in several federal court districts but stressed that it is not related to the Roundup product liability litigation, “for which the parties continue to mediate in good faith.”

While the German group said it is “constructively engaged” in the mediation process for the remaining liability suits. it added that there is no comprehensive agreement at this time and no certainty or timetable for a comprehensive resolution

By its own account, Bayer is now facing 48,600 Roundup-related lawsuits. Without namin plaintiffs in the class action, US newspaper Wall Street Journal reported in mid-March that Bayer was ready to agree draft settlement terms with six major law firms representing tens of thousands of plaintiffs.

Analysts have estimated that Bayer may have to pay out $10-12 billion for Roundup in the final tally.


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