BPF Says EU Trade Remains important

  • BPF Says EU Trade Remains important BPF Says EU Trade Remains important

The EU market will retain its importance for the UK’s plastics industry, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) said, commenting on a recent membership survey taken to coincide with the British exit from the EU on Jan. 31.

Asked for the views of the UK’s third largest industry on the continued importance of the EU as a trade partner, an overwhelming 93% of the association’s more than 100 participants affirmed that the one member-down bloc would still play a major role in their business dealings.

When queried on how likely they thought it was that the UK government would be able to get a trade deal with the EU by Dec. 31 as envisioned, only 34% of the companies said they thought it likely or very likely that the stated goal could be met, while more than 40% felt it was quite unlikely or very unlikely.

On another important question, 70% of the British plastics companies surveyed said that after the long and winding path to the leaving date they were quite prepared or very prepared for Brexit.

As to which countries they thought would contribute significantly to future plastics industry growth, the companies showed a “clear consensus” that these would be the US, China and India, BPF said.

The flash poll “provides no room for doubt” that it is crucial for the UK government to agree a trade deal with the EU, said BPF director general Philip Law. He said the association will share the survey’s results with relevant government officials and ensure they understand that, whatever deal is made, its companies need as much regulatory alignment as possible.

The plastics federation added that it will continue to ensure that the industry’s views are heard in the corridors of power and will continue to offer its expertise to the government to secure the best possible deal for UK plastics companies.



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