Clariant and Petronas Sign Licensing Collaboration

Swiss specialty chemicals producer Clariant and Petronas Technology Ventures, a technology commercialisation arm of Malaysian energy and petrochemical giant Petronas, have agreed a license collaboration term sheet giving Clariant access to Petronas' HycaPure Hg technology that removes elemental, organic and inorganic mercury from natural gas.

Clariant said the Petronas product would add to its ActiSorb G400 series adsorbents, while complementing its other ActiSorb products, to provide "integrated solutions to meet the stringent requirements of the industry."

Colin Wong Hee Huing, said, "Hycapure Hg has already been in use at Petronas' gas processing plants for more than two years and it demonstrates high adsorbent capacity and stable performance. This licensing collaboration will allow the technology to go beyond our facilities and gain valuable access to the international market."


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