DSM Files for EU Feed Additive Registration

  • DSM Files for EU Feed Additive RegistrationDSM Files for EU Feed Additive Registration

DSM has filed for EU authorization for a new feed additive for dairy cows that can cut methane emissions and slow the rate of global warming.

The Dutch group expects to launch the feed additive in Europe in late 2020/early 2021 as soon as authorization is granted. Registrations in other regions will follow.

The additive is said to have been scientifically proven to cut methane emissions from dairy cows by around 30%, with its efficacy confirmed in 26 peer-reviewed studies around the world. It is the culmination of a decade-long journey of research and development, DSM added.

Just a quarter of a teaspoon daily suppresses the enzyme in a cow’s stomach that triggers methane production. The additive takes effect immediately and once it has suppressed the methane, it is broken down into compounds that are already naturally present in the stomach, DSM explained.

“This is an important milestone. Our science-based solution has the potential to be a real game-changer in the global effort to reduce the climate impact of the foods we know and love,” said program director Mark van Nieuwland. “Because of its global warming potency, mitigating methane emissions will be a powerful lever for the dairy sector to take action on the climate emergency."

A natural byproduct of digestion in cows and other ruminants, methane is a greenhouse gas that is much more potent than CO2. DSM said cutting methane emissions could help reduce the rate of global warming in the future, helping to stay within the maximum 1.5-2oC temperature rise indicated in the Paris Climate Agreement.


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