DuPont Fined $1.9 Million Over Herbicide Violation

17.09.2014 -

US chemical giant DuPont will pay nearly $1.9 million in fines to the US Treasury for its alleged violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

The fine resolves allegations that the Wilmington, Delaware-based company failed to submit reports to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about potential adverse health effects of its Imprelis herbicide.

EPA said DuPont sold the product with labeling that did not ensure its safe use and that this resulted in "widespread death and damage" to certain species of trees.

All in all, the agency said the company failed to submit 18 reports.

According to EPA, DuPont made 320 shipments of Imprelis to distributors during 2010 - the year of registration - and 2011. Starting in June 2011, the environment watchdog said it began receiving complaints from state pesticide agencies regarding Imprelis-related damage to trees, especially in the Midwest.

Subsequently, DuPont submitted more than 7,000 reports to EPA of damage to or death of coniferous trees, primarily Norway spruce and white pine, but also balsam fir. The agency said "there is also evidence that non-coniferous trees such as maple, honey locusts, lilacs, sycamores and alders are susceptible to damage from Imprelis."

The registration for the DuPont herbicide expired on Sept. 8 of this year and will not be renewed. The product was used mainly in lawn, golf, turf and weed control applications.