Ellen Kullman to Head California 3D Start-up

  • Ellen Kullman to Head California 3D Start-up (c) DupontEllen Kullman to Head California 3D Start-up (c) Dupont

Ellen Kullman, who headed US chemical conglomerate DuPont from 2009 to 2015, has been appointed president and CEO of Carbon, a Redwood City, California-based 3D printing specialist for polymers.

The former DuPont chief, who has served on Carbon’s board since 2016 and will retain that position, takes over from the six-year-old company’s co-founder and CEO Joseph DeSimone. In future, he will be executive chairman.

Kullman’s role will be to develop short- and long-term strategies for the company’s growth, with plans for its digital manufacturing platform to become more widely adopted.

Carbon has developed a proprietary continuous liquid interfaced production (CLIP) manufacturing technology that has been used to produce high-profile trip parts for car makers.

Since leaving DuPont in October 201 6 after a proxy battles with activist shareholder Nelson Peltz, the former Fortune 500 executive also has served on the boards of Amgen, Dell Technologies, Goldman Sachs, United Technologies.     




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