IPP and Bluestar in Chlor-alkali Pact

10.04.2017 -

International Process Plants has entered an alliance with ChemChina’s Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co (BCMC) to supply new chlor-alkali plants that have been designed and built by the Chinese company.

The partnership will allow BCMC to gain access to the US group’s global reach in order to grow its international business. The companies said together, they will be able to provide new turnkey chlor-alkali and downstream chemical production facilities to markets around the world that they cannot reach independently.

“Our partnership with BCMC as a turnkey new technology provider allows us to work with our customers in the chlor-alkali industry to increase their cost competitiveness as well as to decrease their new capacity expansion project’s cost and lead time,” said IPP’s president, Ronald Gale.

The Chinese group has designed more than 180 plants worldwide, and its parent ChemChina holds more than 100 patents in the chlor-alkali industry. In addition, BCMC is one of only four suppliers of electrolyzers in the world and holds multiple international (including European and US) certifications and qualifications in design and manufacturing.