Lubrizol Expands Wisconsin Silicone Site

31.08.2017 -

Lubrizol’s LifeSciences business is spending $10 million to expand capacity at its silicone contract manufacturing site in Franklin, Wisconsin, USA. The site is operated by Vesta, a company Lubrizol acquired in August 2014.

A further 71,000 square feet of space is being added to existing operations of 126,000 square feet, providing extra room for product development, cellular manufacturing and production lines as well as separate Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms for making implants and drug-eluting devices.

The investment is in support of Lubrizol’s long-term growth strategy to provide manufacturing for silicone implants and finished medical devices. Mark Stuart, Vesta’s general manager, said the new space covers immediate short-term needs, but also provides room for growth in the future. He commented: “Customers can feel comfortable that we are able to handle both their current projects, as well as a significant increase in their future business efforts.”