Nissan and Bharat Rasayan in Agchems JV

  • Nissan and Bharat Rasayan in Agchems JVNissan and Bharat Rasayan in Agchems JV

Japan’s Nissan Chemical has agreed to form a joint venture with India’s Bharat Rasayan to manufacture and export agrochemical active ingredients.

Nissan will hold a majority 70% share of the jv, with Bharat Rasayan taking the remainder. The JV, to be called Nissan Bharat Rasayan and located in Harayana, India, will have a paid-in capital of 2.3 billion Japanese Yen. It is scheduled to start operating as of Apr. 1.

Nissan said the move is in response to increasing demand for new and existing crop protection products. The Tokyo-headquartered firm has had its proprietary Elsan (phenthoate) insecticide toll manufactured by Bharat Rasayan since 2013, extending the arrangement in recent years to include intermediates for other proprietary products.

The companies said they will build a new manufacturing plant in India for “various technical products”.


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