Nouryon Hikes Dutch Metal Alkyls Output

27.08.2019 -

Nouryon has increased capacity and improved efficiency at its metal alkyls plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company said the series of investments will enable it to continue meeting growing demand from customers in the polymer industry.

Metal alkyls are used in catalysts such as Ziegler-Natta, single-site and other specialized systems used in polymer production.

“The Rotterdam plant has increased production capacity by more than 40% in the last three years and this latest investment series positions us for sustained growth,” said Jeroen Jungschlager, Rotterdam plant manager, adding that the company will be able to move “greater volumes with improved reliability and consistency” to customers in Europe.

The most recent investment includes automating raw material handling and improving overall efficiency and safety at the site by avoiding potential exposure risks. The project also allows for material to be supplied in bulk, reducing transportation costs.

Nouryon strengthened its leading position in metal alkyls late last month with the acquisition of China’s Zhejiang Friend Chemical. The company is China’s largest producer of triethyl aluminum (TEAL), a metal alkyl used in the production of high-volume polymers including PP and PE.