Oxea Selects Oberhausen for Carboxylic Acids

10.07.2019 -

Following an “extensive” selection process, German oxo-chemicals company Oxea has chosen Oberhausen as the site for its proposed world-scale carboxylic acids plant.

“Our Oberhausen manufacturing facility offers definitive advantages in speed of construction and integration into our existing production network,” explained chief operating officer Oliver Borgmeier.

The facility – the sixth in Oxea’s global manufacturing network – will double current capacity for isononanoic acid and raise its total carboxylic acids output by more than 30% when it comes on stream by the end of 2021.

“With our new plant, we intend to substantially improve the supply situation for isononanoic acid. Oxea’s increased capacity will further enhance the flexibility of our production platforms, allowing our customers to grow their businesses across the whole acid portfolio,” said Kyle Hendrix, global commercial director for carboxylic acids and derivatives. “Oxea will additionally set up its own dedicated logistics hub in Asia to support the growth and agility of the Asian market.”

The company revealed last January that it was studying the feasibility of a new plant as well as implementing steps to further improve and debottleneck its manufacturing processes at its five existing units during 2020 in order to meet rising demand.

Carboxylic acids are used in the production of synthetic lubricants and as building blocks for the animal feed industry.