Perstorp Launches Renewable Capa Biopolymer

10.11.2015 -

Swedish specialty chemicals company Perstorp has launched a renewable version of its Capa compostable polymer. The concept, described by Perstorp as “the world’s first of its kind,” builds on its Capa lactide technology that enables a highly renewable content for different bioplastic applications.

 “The challenge on the market has been to combine performance and biodegradability of the end application,” said Linda Zellner, Perstorp’s project manager for bioplastics.  With our renewable Capa concept we are redrawing the map by enabling products with high performing properties without compromising sustainability.”

The company said the use of renewable Capa enables polymers’ properties such as viscosity, biodegradability, crystallinity and flexibility to be adjusted, enabling freedom of design.

“This is a major milestone in delivering breakthrough technology to this important market for Perstorp. With this technology our customers can create solutions to keep a step ahead of the competition,” said Marie Grönborg, executive vice president of the Specialties & Solutions business unit.

According to Perstorp, the bioplastic market is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 20% in the coming years.