Roquette to Launch New Biopharmaceutical Brands

15.03.2017 -

French family-owned group Roquette plans to introduce three new brands to address the growing demand for excipients and raw materials for the biopharmaceutical market.

The new product offerings are low endotoxin, multi-compendial grade materials for cell culture and biologic drug formulations.

"As a long-time leader in excipients and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical market, Roquette is proud to be part of this major therapeutic progress and is excited to introduce several new products in the US, Europe and Asia," said Paul Smaltz, VP of the Pharma global business unit.

With this investment the company wants to reaffirm its strategic initiatives to develop specialties for pharma, food, nutrition and health markets to accelerate global growth. According to Roquette the new protein-based drugs have the ability to put rheumatoid arthritis into remission and to transform many cancers into treatable conditions.