Siegfried Outsources Support Functions

02.08.2010 -

Siegfried Holding signed a cooperation agreement with two companies concerning the supply of support functions. In the future, Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services will provide maintenance, part of the engineering and security services and run the Siegfried Hazmat Training Center. All issues concerning utility supply and waste disposal will be handled by IHKW Industrieheizkraftwerk Zofingen, a subsidiary of GWE Gesellschaft für wirtschaftliche Energieversorgung located in Freiburg, Germany.

The agreement with Bilfinger Berger commences on Aug. 1,  and that with IHKW on Sept. 1. In total, 56 Siegfried members of staff will change their employer. With the new employers Siegfried negotiated two years' job security and protection of vested rights for a period of three years for its former employees.



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