Solvay in Vietnamese Fertilizer Venture

10.11.2016 -

Solvay and Petrovietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Nov. 2 to launch eco-friendly fertilizers that are designed to increase yields and lower nitrogen losses. Nitrogen is critical to the overall quality and growth of crops and Solvay said the use of fertilizers containing the element has increased dramatically in recent years.

The Belgian group’s proprietary AgRho N Protect series of nitrogen stabilizers facilitates the incorporation of urease and nitrification inhibitors into granular and liquid fertilizers. These stabilizers limit nitrogen volatilization and leaching, thus increasing the amount of time the nitrogen remains in the soil for absorption by crops.

Both companies have been conducting laboratory and field trials since 2015 on crops including rice, maize, coffee and pome-lo/orange plantations at several locations in Vietnam. Under the terms of the MoU, the successful outcome of the trials will enable PVCFC to launch new eco-friendly enhanced efficiency fertilizers in the coming months.

Bùi Minh Tiến, CEO of PVCFC, said the cooperation between the two companies in the research and development of new fertilizers and nutrition solutions for improving crop yield and quality will help to increase the competitiveness of Vietnam’s agricultural products. Separately, Solvay has started production of highly dispersible silica (HDS) at a new 80,000 t/y plant in Gunsan, South Korea. The site will, over time, replace an existing one in Incheon, which is in an area designated for urban development.

Solvay’s HDS reinforces the rubber in tires, reducing a vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 7%, with brands such as Zeosil Premium and Efficium helping tire manufacturers to raise performance levels. The company said the new capacity meets strong and growing regional demand for energy saving tires.