Talga and Biomer in JDA for graphene Polymers

  • Talga and Biomer in JDA for graphene Polymers (c) TalgaTalga and Biomer in JDA for graphene Polymers (c) Talga

Talga Resources and Biomer Technology have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to make graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for potential commercialization in the healthcare and coatings markets.

The Australian advanced materials technology company with bases in Germany and Sweden and the UK-based polymer manufacturing and technology firm aim to create new multifunctional thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) incorporating Talga’s Talphene-brand functionalized graphene in Biomer polymers.

Biomer’s role will be to design and synthesize new products for evaluation in biomaterial (medical devices) and industrial coatings (such as marine anti-fouling) among other applications and market the new products through its existing global channels alongside existing products.

The agreement covers five years’ exclusive supply of the successfully enhanced new materials, which the companies said should improve a range of key performance characteristics in thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Biomer’s managing director, Simon Dixon, said there is “significant potential” for graphene in his company’s proprietary high performance polymers, and the collaboration with Talga will present opportunities for advancing both design and manufacturing in the biomedical and specialty industrial market sectors.


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