Technip and Metabolic Explorer to Link Technology

26.08.2016 -

French firms Technip and Metabolic Explorer are assessing the feasibility of combining their respective technologies for polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) and its feedstock 1,2 propanediol (PDO). Technip Zimmer Process Technology licenses the process to make PTT, which is used to produce high-quality textile fibers, packaging films and engineering plastics. However, PTT’s growth potential is being hampered by limited quantities of PDO, the engineering firm said.

Metabolic Explorer has developed a patented technology to produce PDO through the fermentation of crude glycerins from either vegetable oils or recycled oils. Founder and CEO of Metabolic Explorer, Benjamin Gonzalez, said the partnership will accelerate the deployment of PDO technology for PTT applications and open up the market, which is mainly located in Asia.

The companies are undertaking a technical and commercial review with the aim of offering a bundled technology package for licensing.