WeylChem Acquires Catexel Businesses

  • WeylChem Acquires Catexel Businesses WeylChem Acquires Catexel Businesses

International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) and WeylChem Group together have acquired the Home Care, Cellulosics and Synthesis business of Catexel Group from Unilever Ventures.

With the buy WeylChem said it is broadening its portfolio of performance chemicals, thus gaining access to additional markets in industrial & institutional cleaning, textile bleaching, pulp bleaching and process technologies. The buy strengthens its leading position as supplier and manufacturer of oxidation catalysts and bleach activators, it added.

The transaction, which comprises the intellectual property of Catexel for a variety of applications, aso increases the innovation capabilities of the combined businesses through its dedicated R&D team, the German group said.

Andreas Maier, managing director of WeylChem Performance Products and head of the Consumer Care business unit, said the combination of its own and Catexel’s capabilities “creates a leading global expert in the field of oxidation catalysis.”

For ICIG, managing director Achim Riemann commented that the purchase fits well with its strategy to enhance its platforms by supporting add-on acquisitions.


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