Azelis to Distribute Myriant’s Bio-succinic Acid

09.09.2014 -

Under a recently signed agreement, Belgian specialty chemicals distributor Azelis has begun distributing Myriant's bio-succinic acid in the Nordic countries, Benelux, France, Iberia, Italy, the UK and Ireland.

The companies are targeting customers in the industrial and base chemicals markets for the acid that is chemically equivalent to petroleum-based succinic acid and said to have a lower environmental footprint.

David LeBlanc, head of global sales and marketing at Qunicy, Massachusetts-based Myriant, said Azelis' extensive global distribution network will provide the renewables producer with the necessary support and connections at chemical companies seeking to integrate green chemicals into a wide range of applications.

Myriant currently supplies bio-succinic acid from its US flagship facility at Lake Providence, Louisiana, which has annual nameplate capacity of 30 million lbs (more than 13,500 t/y) per year.

Globally, the market for succinic acid is estimated at around $7.5 billion in existing and new applications, for the most part polymers, urethanes, plasticizers and coatings.

Azelis COO Laurent Nataf said the Myriant product further strengthens Azelis' offering in the renewable resources based chemistry for production of more sustainable polymers, for which it is experiencing "growing demand."