Bachem and GlyTech announce co-promotion agreement

03.12.2014 -

Bachem and GlyTech announced that they have entered into a co-promotion agreement for GlyTech's glycosylation technology. As part of the agreement, Bachem will leverage its sales and marketing resources to enhance GlyTech's partnering efforts and GlyTech will promote Bachem as the partner of choice for manufacture of its glycopeptides and glycoproteins.

GlyTech's glycosylation technology permits the synthesis of peptides and proteins with pre-attached sugars, selected from a proprietary library of over 50 specific glycans. It has been shown to markedly improve drug properties such as half-life, binding affinity and selectivity. Furthermore, compared to recombinant products, the chemically synthesized proteins are more homogeneous.

"Working together with GlyTech on synthetic Interferon β-1a paved the way to a more profound partnership. The pioneering aspect of developing peptides and proteins with improved properties for our clients and the partnering involved is very much in line with our strategic focus." said Thomas Früh, CEO of Bachem.

"Bachem has been an ideal collaborator for us and our technology, and we are excited to expand our relationship that enables us to reach a broader set of potential partners for our glycosylation technology," said Mr. Asai, President and CEO of GlyTech.




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