Adaptimmune in Cancer Collaboration With GlaxoSmithKline

05.06.2014 -

Adaptimmune, a biotechnology company developing TCR engineered T-cells to treat cancer, has begun a strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for development and commercialization of its lead clinical cancer program. 

Based on what it said is a unique T-cell receptor (TCR) engineering technology, Adaptimmune has created TCRs that are deployed to target the cancer testis antigen, NY-ESO-1, and other targets.

The company said its trials in the NY-ESO-1 program in multiple myeloma, melanoma, sarcoma and ovarian cancer in the US are generating "encouraging results." European trials are set to begin shortly and other follow-on programs are in the offing.

The agreement gives GSK an option on the NY-ESO-1 program through clinical proof of concept, expected during 2016. On exercise, the UK drugmaker will assume full responsibility for the program. The companies will also co-develop other TCR target programmes and collaborate on further optimization of engineered TCR products.

Adaptimmune said it could expect payments from GSK in excess of $350 million to over the next seven years, with significant additional development and commercialisation payments becoming due in subsequent years if the drugmaker exercises all its options and milestones continue to be met. In addition, the biotech firm would also receive tiered royalties ranging from single to double digits on net sales.

 As part of its strategic commitment to the collaboration, Adaptimmune said it will immediately commence work on further TCR programmes with GSK.