Antwerp@C Project Moves into Engineering

01.03.2022 - The Antwerp@C project, which aims to halve the Port of Antwerp’s CO2 emissions, has started engineering studies following the completing of a feasibility study last year. The engineering studies will further investigate constructing a central “backbone” throughout the port, along the industrial zones on both the Right and Left Banks of the River Scheldt.

Seven companies are involved in the project, namely Air Liquide, BASF, Borealis, ExxonMobil, Ineos, TotalEnergies and Fluxys. A final investment decision is expected by the end of 2022, once the engineering studies have been finalized.

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp said: “We are very keen to move on to this next phase of engineering studies as this project will contribute to the Flemish, Belgian and European climate goals and to the increased EU 2030 targets for emission reduction to at least 55%.”

In the meantime, Air Liquide, Fluxys and Pipelink – a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp – are mapping initial demand for the CO2 infrastructure.

Also part of the engineering studies is a shared CO2 liquefaction unit with interim storage and marine loading facilities for cross-border shipping. Port of Antwerp said the project would be “among the first and world’s largest multimodal open access CO2 export facilities.”

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist