Arkema, Oxis Partner to Develop the Next Generation of Battery Technology

09.01.2013 -

Oxis Energy, a company that specialises in the design, development and commercial production of Polymer Lithium Sulfur cells battery technology, and Arkema, a global leading chemicals producer, have signed a joint development agreement to further improve the performance of Polymer Lithium Sulfur cells battery.

Oxis and Arkema have identified several areas where key enhancements could be made, both in terms of both power delivered and reliability of Polymer Lithium Sulfur electro-chemical technology.

The parties have agreed that Arkema will provide access to different specialty materials like carbon nanotubes, electrolyte and advanced technical polymers that could be tested by Oxis for use in developing and extending its technology. The collaboration's aim is to optimize two aspects: the conductivity increase of the electrolyte that should improve energy density, and reinforcement of mechanical resistance of some components in order to extend the lifetime and safety of the battery.