BASF Licenses RiKarbon’s Bio-based Emollient Technology

23.09.2022 - BASF has entered into an exclusive licensing deal with US start-up RiKarbon to commercialize the latter’s proprietary emollient technology.

RiKarbon’s patented process upcycles bio-waste into bio-based, biodegradable emollients for personal care applications, such as color cosmetics, haircare and skincare products. The companies said the technology has been quickly elevated from laboratory to pilot scale, successfully demonstrating the conversion of bio-waste to new unique emollient chemical structures.

“RiKarbon’s results from laboratory trials are very encouraging and show the potential of innovation for the personal care market,” said Robert Parker, director of new business development & digital officer, care chemicals at BASF.

The clear and odorless emollient is comprised of 100% bio-based carbon – of which 60% is sourced from agricultural waste materials – and is said to impart excellent soft and silky sensory properties to personal care formulations. RiKarbon said its technology platform is a bio-based alternative to linear silicones, petrochemical-derived hydrocarbons and esters, allowing the formulation of more natural, sustainable and stable cosmetic products.

BASF intends to take RiKarbon’s technology inhouse and plans to introduce initial solutions to the market in 2024.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist