Biosynth Acquires VIO Chemicals

20.12.2023 - Swiss Biosynth, a supplier of raw materials to the life science industry, has acquired VIO Chemicals, a Zurich, Switzerland-based company with leading chemical R&D expertise and a global network of large-scale manufacturing partners. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

The acquisition, Biosynth said, will expand its ability to secure its customers’ supply chains by bringing greater flexibility in scales for complex chemical manufacturing, with expertise across carbohydrates, nucleosides, intermediates, and specialty excipients, among others.

Urs Spitz, CEO and president of Biosynth, said: “VIO Chemicals has a long standing relationship with Biosynth and is an excellent addition to our flagship Complex Chemicals division. We know that our customers want to stay working with us as their needs develop, so being able to offer flexibility and scope for greater scales of production, into the many metric tons, is an important part of that.”

“Biosynth’s passion for chemistry has always been something that we have shared,” commented VIO Chemicals’ CEO and founder, Dimitris Kalias. “We are both driven by both science and our customers’ needs, and I am excited for VIO to be part of the research, development, and manufacturing services that support our shared customers across a wide range of scales,” Kalias added.