Brenntag joins “Together for Sustainability”

31.07.2015 -

Germany-based global distribution giant Brenntag will become the first distributor to join the initiative “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) established in 2011 by six multinational chemical producers and now counting 13 members, mostly Europe-based

The distributor said it is aims to complete the TfS on-boarding process by 2016. Aim of the initiative is to establish a standardized global program for the responsible procurement of goods and services in the chemical industry and to improve ecological and social standards at supplier companies.

“Brenntag fulfils an important key function in the supply chain of the chemical industry. As a result, sustainability has long been part of our business model and is firmly integrated into our processes,” said Karsten Beckmann, adding that TfS “provides us with an ideal platform to improve the supply chain in the area of sustainability.”

A global assessment program is fundamental to the long term success and future development of sustainability for both, our customers and suppliers, Beckmann said.