Cerbios Expands HPAI Manufacturing Capacity

24.01.2019 - Lugano, Switzerland-based chemical and biological API manufacturer Cerbios announced that its board of directors has approved the installation of a new production line in its building dedicated for high potency active ingredients (HPAIs).

The additional unit will be Category 3 Safebridge for batches ranging 5-30 kg/batch. The new production line will be partially used for the manufacturing of an HPAI where larger volumes are required thus decreasing the production costs compared to the actual setup. The remaining capacity will be available for Cerbios’ CDMO services and partners, the company said.

Gabriel Haering, CEO of Cerbios, commented: “Considering the conjugation suite for antibody drug conjugates ready this summer and this new production line due in the second half of 2020, our offer to our partners will be six HPAI production units in a single site with space available for future expansions if needed”.


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