Chemistry & Life Sciences

Paving the Way for the Recovery of the Fine & Speciality Chemicals Industry

22.10.2020 -

Chemspec Digital 2020 provides an interactive networking event for the fine and speciality chemicals community. From all over the world, industry experts will have the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Audit by click

17.09.2020 -

Auditing suppliers costs pharmaceutical companies a lot of money and ties up valuable resources.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Understanding the Requirements of Safe HPAPI Manufacturing

11.09.2020 -

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly focused on the development of specialized drug products with new treatment modalities, including previously undruggable...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Rise of HPAPI Molecules

10.09.2020 -

For biopharma leaders it is more critical than ever to secure the capabilities to contain, handle, develop and manufacture highly potent APIs.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Pharmaceutical Industry

31.08.2020 -

Andrew Badrot, CEO of C2 Pharma and a close observer of pharma industry trends, analyzes the current situation and how this pandemic may kick of changes in the pharma...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

CheMondis Webinars

18.08.2020 -

As a fully digital player in the chemical industry, CheMondis regularly offers webinars for buyers and suppliers.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Expert Webinar: Accelerating Process Development with Design of Experiments

31.07.2020 -

Synthace’s multidisciplinary team of researchers and software engineers have developed the Antha software platform to lower the barriers for scientists to execute...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Upcycling of Post-Consumer PLA Waste

27.07.2020 -

Designed for their performance and durability, synthetic plastics have become indispensable as “materials of every-day use”. However, their characteristic long life span...