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The Coronavirus Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for CMOs, CDMOs and CROs

Experts Share Their Opinions on How the Custom Manufacturing and Research Industry can Tackle the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and a Demanding Economic Climate

20.10.2020 - The coronavirus crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered problems that have been smoldering beneath the surface of the pharmaceutical industry — including CMOs/CDMOs and CROs — and need to be addressed. That supply chains are vulnerable to disruption when major development, production and transportation hubs are blocked or shut down has become painfully obvious.

The ongoing pandemic is putting pharmaceutical R&D strategies to the test and also challenging manufacturing planning and supply chain management. Particularly in this industry segment, the supply chain is global, complex and interconnected. Each link must be strong enough to ensure that the road from lab to final drug product is as smooth as possible, even under the most difficult circumstances.

In addition to the pandemic, the growing threat of a no-deal-Brexit amid old and new trade conflicts and increasing protectionism, is putting even more stress on companies operating in the pharma sector.

In cooperation with Wombat Capital*, a cross-border investment bank, CHEManager asked executives and experts of CMOs, CDMOs and CROs operating in the pharmaceutical sector to share their opinion on current challenges for their industry and how these challenges may influence changes in their market and opportunities.

Read the insightful answers of the experts here.


* Cross-border investment bank Wombat Capital provides mergers and acquisitions and strategic advisory services. With offices in New York and Paris, Wombat Capital focuses on the CDMO/CRO and pharma outsourcing sectors.