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Data Monitoring: Any Time, Any Place

05.02.2015 -

Data monitoring with T&D's networked data loggers not only helps to safeguard goods and processes, but also ensures accurate and error free documentation of compliance with legal regulations.

One of T&D Corporation's highlights is the RTR 500 series, which includes all devices required to build a tailor-made solution. These compact data loggers monitor many different parameters and are available in wireless, GSM, USB and Ethernet models. The base station automatically aggregates data from compatible wireless data loggers out to a 150 meter free air range, or longer distances strengthened through a repeater. There's no need to install cabling or to travel to collect the data, and the base station also performs automated alarm monitoring via email, SMS messaging or app.

Additionally the company offers their free of charge T&D WebStorage Service which allows to download and store up to 20 MB of recorded data. It enables easy access to current readings at any time and from any place to view in well-arranged graphs or tables.



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