Distribution & Logistics for the Chemical and Life Science Industries

English-language special supplement of CHEManager Europe and CHEManager

14.03.2013 -

Chemical distributors and logistics companies play a crucial role in the supply chain of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Formulating, distributing and delivering chemical goods to converters or manufacturers of consumer products has become a multi-billion-dollar business.

This May, CHEManager and CHEManager Europe – the leading industry newspapers for the chemical and life sciences sectors in Europe – will publish an English-language special supplement titled "Distribution & Logistics for the Chemical and Life Science Industries“.

The articles of the supplement that cover topics like Sourcing, Formulation, Distribution, Transportation and Supply Chain Management will be developed by the editorial staff that is in charge of the regular sections "Chemiedistribution“ and "LCP – Logistik für Chemie und Pharma” in CHEManager as well as the corresponding sections in CHEManager Europe.

The special supplement "Distribution & Logistics“ will be distributed as loose inserts with our May editions of CHEManager (on May 23), and CHEManager Europe (on May 31). Bonus copies will be displayed at important industry events in June:


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