Driving Innovation in the Supply Chain

The European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc) Sets Out on an Ambitious Journey

29.01.2013 -

The European chemical distribution industry has constantly been an example of unity, as the work of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc) shows, working together pays off.

Fecc recently introduced an ambitious plan for the coming year through the publication of its Business Plan 2013. The document highlights the priorities and key objectives for 2013, and summarises the achievements of the Working Committees in diverse subjects. Fecc's efforts and activities focus on their most vital asset: the members.

One of their most important goals being to ensure that Fecc is the representative of the chemical distribution industry, developing the membership of the association plays a key part in all of Fecc's activities. The past year Fecc welcomed Lanxess Distribution as company member, and the Turkish Fuchs Kimya as an associate member; the work plan ahead is sure to bring more. This will strengthen the association's position as the voice of the industry in Europe.

Closely Following Industry Market Trends

Fecc is positive about the future, while remaining vigilant and making sure to identify how best to respond to the challenges being experienced across the economy. Closely following industry market trends and emerging markets Fecc regularly produces sets of factsheets containing macro-economic and chemical industry related data in the focus regions and invites external experts who give presentations for the members on how to facilitate business in these areas.

Fecc and its members work closely together with evolution and innovation in mind as they continue to align efforts to offer tailored solutions for the chemical distribution industry, like the Responsible Care Programme, their flagship on safety and sustainability. Fecc emphasises the link between sustainability, high performance and opportunity by encouraging chemical distributors to include sustainability and environmental programs in their business strategy. The active communication of these actions is crucial; as Fecc believes that an open conversation increases public knowledge and improves the image of the industry.

The past year saw much stronger committees that provided a clear understanding to Fecc's members on issues that affect their businesses. Fecc's 2013 plan will surely maintain this level of expertise and focus, to help the members prepare to positively confront the demands of the coming year.

2013 Will Be an Active Year

On the legislation front 2013 will be an active year to say the least. With the REACH 2013 deadline, the obligations of the Biocidal Product Regulation and the new Seveso Regulation Fecc advice to the industry is to continue to dedicate resources to comply with the challenges linked to these regulations. Judging for the plans ahead, members can be sure that the association will do the same.

Fecc is clear that to truly have a transformational impact, collaboration between all stakeholders is needed. The strategic partnerships in place across the supply chain have strengthened the distributors' relationships with other sectors of the chemical industry. These alliances saw launch of several accomplishments in the past year. Projects like EXCiPACT, the joint Cefic/Fecc Product Stewardship guidelines and the close work together with DUCC on extended Safety Data Sheets related issues.

Fecc Annual Congress 2013

Turning plans into action Fecc will host its annual congress in Hamburg, Germany on June 17-19, 2013. With evolution and leadership in mind, Fecc chose "Distribution: Driving innovation in the supply chain" as this year's theme. The association is keen to provide the delegates with tools to move forward despite the demanding times ahead.

With a refreshed programme the Fecc congress honours its theme by introducing different elements to the schedule. This year's novelties include parallel sessions on the first afternoon, when delegates have the chance to attend a panel focusing on legislation and how it affects the industry, or one focusing on how to promote their business including presentations on marketing, corporate communications and social media.
As the European economy endeavours to sustain growth, distributors turn their heads beyond our frontiers. The first session of the congress will tackle how to do business in emerging markets, covering the challenges and competition in chemicals and circumstances to take into account when entering these markets.

The leaders of the distribution industry are an example of positive adaptation to diverse situations, customers and stakeholders. Fecc strives to give them resources to continue developing their business strategies; this will be the core of the last portion of the congress, where experts in finance, management and leadership will share their knowledge with the delegates.

Fostering cooperation within the industry is one of Fecc's objectives, and the congress offers the perfect opportunity to encourage this. Various social activities are part of the programme specially thought to offer the participants chances to meet colleagues and build the future of the industry. 



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