European Association of Chemical Distributors Comments on REACH Review

06.02.2013 -

The European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc), acknowledges the REACH review communication published by the European Commission today. The chemical distribution industry has already dedicated extensive resources and time to implement and integrate this very complex Regulation in every aspect of the business. Fecc supports the European Commission's decision that no revision of the regulations is needed for this stage, as industry needs stability to gain experience. Now is not the appropriate time to change the rules, considering we are in the run up to the second REACH deadline.

Fecc would welcome in the light of the experience to date and of the 20013 deadline the sustainability of REACH compliance for the thousands of micro and small businesses that will need to engage, some for the first time, for the 2018 deadline.

Our members are currently preparing to meet the 2013 deadline, and despite the challenges already presented for smaller distributor companies involved, the industry remains committed to continue working together to successfully complete the coming implementation deadline of REACH. At the same time striving to maintain good cooperation with ECHA, the Commission and other stakeholders forming part of the supply chain.