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Expert Statement: Clemens Mittelviefhaus, Yncoris

CO2-Neutral Chemical Industry - The Challenge of an Industry Transformation

10.03.2021 - The European Chemical Industry has set out on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral.

Germany, as one of the major chemical manufacturing nations, has committed to achieve this goal by 2050. But companies need to translate this industry vision into their specific context.
System changes of the scale of CO2 neutrality for a whole industry sector require a new mindset. Major transformations command long lead times and require consistent and persistent follow-through. It is all but clear whether enough value is created to justify the huge investments and how new value generated is distributed among critical players and investors.

CHEManager asked executives and industry experts to share their opinions on this industry transformation, which is a multi-stakeholder challenge and comprises economical, technical, societal and political aspects. We proposed to discuss the following aspects:

  • What is your strategy / timeline to become carbon neutral and what are the key challenges on the path to achieve this goal?
  • What political / regulatory mea­sures are needed to encourage companies to invest in carbon neu­tral technologies?
  • What economical / societal benefits do you expect or hope for by decarbonizing your business?
  • How do you plan to involve external stakeholders critical for achieving CO2 neutrality?


Clemens Mittelviefhaus: To become CO2-neutral as industrial manufacturer is — in face of the challenges coming along with climate change — a question of inter-generational contract: This re­sponsibility we all have to take for the benefit of the coming generations, for our kids and grandchildren! It will be the most ambitious challenge for all of us. And, as I do not know the one and single answer to this question: what I know is that we only will succeed if we all cooperate and follow one single goal — with full commitment and all united efforts.
Yncoris as a provider of technical services in maintenance and engineering and operator of a chemical site is fully integrated in these activities and takes responsibility in turning its own carbon footprint to neutral, but also offering services in site operation as well as in engineering and maintenance services to support customers on their journey toward minimizing CO2-emissions. Therefore, we support and are engaged in collaborations and projects in search of extraordinary solutions in bioprocess technologies and circular economy.
Our responsibility it is to enable our employees to use open space for new ideas, provide adequate means and money and have the willingness to learn even from risks and failures on this path. Partnering and collaboration is key to success, politics have to set up appropriate legal framework conditions in the context of international competition.