Free Webinar: Optimize Your Processes with Insights from Data Visualization

Get Ready for Industry 4.0

03.11.2017 -

Data in industry is coming in larger quantities, more frequently and from more sources. The buzzwords Internet of Things, Big Data and Industry 4.0 were coined to describe the benefits companies can realize by using this opportunity to gain a competitive edge. However managers, engineers and scientists often are unable to get useful insights from data.

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With this webinar you will learn that applying statistics today is an easy, almost playful task. See how modelling and machine learning can be used to understand complex patterns and relationships in your data.

Who should attend:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • R&D
  • Business Development
  • Financial Planning

Host: Bernd Heinen (Systems Engineer JMP, SAS Institiute)
Moderator: Dr. Ralf Kempf (Editor, CHEManager International)