Imperial: Expansion will boost efficiency and deliver capacity for growth

05.07.2016 -

In order to optimize its logistics services to the healthcare sector, Imperial Health Sciences is expanding. The Imperial Logistics group company has announced an investment at its Centurion head office - a new, state-of-the art warehousing and additional office space.

Managing director Lara Haigh reveals that the business needed additional capacity following its diversification into the pharmaceutical wholesaling, medical devices and animal health markets. As a result of the expansion, which will enable Imperial’s Pharmed pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution business to move into the Centurion facility, clients will reap the benefits of a refined and cost effective “over the fence” supply chain solution, Haigh explains.

She reveals that Pharmed – which specializes in the wholesale supply and distribution of healthcare related products – will be moving in as of June 2018, and will leverage Imperial’s operational processes, systems and resources. “The move will result in efficiency gains for both business units,” Haigh states.

State-of-the-art storage solution

The expansion project encompasses the construction of a new, 41,000 m² warehouse with 30,280 bulk storage positions, 4,550 high risk locations, 1,350 cold storage locations for cold chain products and 4,000 positions for Schedule 6 medicines. A very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse 8,500 m² in size will also be added to Imperial Health Sciences’ infrastructure. It will offer 31,000 pallet locations. A new bond store will be built, with 1,500 pallet locations, while fridge capacity will be increased at the Centurion facility, providing 2,500 pallet locations. The new storage space will also boast a state-of-the-art high-speed conveyor system suitable for carrying both pallets and cases of product.

In addition to the new warehousing and office block, Imperial’s capacity-building venture also includes increasing the size of all other functional areas at the Centurion operation by between 40 and 60%.